The Fight for Women in South Africa

There are many organizations that have been started to help the women and young girls of South Africa. The only thing missing is your help. Here are a few groups that I have found that could use your help.

a new UK Registered Charity supporting self-help and home-grown food-related projects in poorly resourced communities in South Africa. 

Free lessons for Knysna Schoolchildren
Charity providing free lessons for poor schoolchildren in Kynsna, South Africa. No administrative overhead (all funds spent on tuition).

SOS Children: Aids Africa
Children charity helping orphans throughout africa with latest projects in South Africa, Zambia, Swaziland 

The Ufosa Foundation
Uniting aid in Education, Family Wellbeing and Health across South Africa in its far-reaching 5-year development programme. 

The above charities were all taken from a list on More charities for other parts of Africa can be found at this site.